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Sun, May 16, 2021

Reason for the increase in obesity worldwide

  • By Cindy 

Obesity, excessive weight gain is one of the biggest problem facing by the global population, especially the age group young and adult suffering  depression and confidence.

It becomes additionally burden and health risky even after acquiring  the fancy dietary habits and weight became constant. Most relevant information about weight lose, alibi found in websites information might not be worthwhile. Many questions strikes in newspapers and magazines reason of obesity due to over eating , sugars  no exercises etc. And tells to do fancy dietary. In a study 2,785 people those who had dieted within the previous year had greater body weight than non- dieter. This revealed, dieting is not leading idea to weight loss, but it depends upon consumption of food refined sugar-based dietary, stopping sealed packet foods, fasts foods like pizza, McDonald, industrial milk products, processed foods, microwave dinners, cold beverage etc.  20-40  percentage young generation and 10-20 percentage adult suffering obesity worldwide its all intake of processed refine sugars chemical found in food that makes indigestion in body. And bad highly refine processed oil completely increase LDL risk of heart diseases and results weight gain.

Bodyweight determines whole health, what you eat it impacts the reason of diseases one is obesity. Avoiding all pharma medicine. Especially some woman gets obesity due to pharmaceutical medication like using family planning contraceptive and Mans by drinking alcohol using an ice cube or refrigerator is totally absorbed alcohol and result in obesity.

 The Truth behind the obesity is when the establishment of sugar businesses started  the use of sugar in our food arises now in the whole world sugar can production report in  2019 was  140,169millions tonnes. Imagine situation how much amount sugar percentage is use for making processed food consuming daily basis like cookies, cakes, pastries , Macdonald, creams, premade beverages like sports drinks,diet coke, tea ,coffee that have harmful refine sugar that contains, sulphur dioxidejust e American heart association approved of added sugar as a part of a healthy diet and millions of people embraced sugar t, high sugar diets. Consumption of sugar between 1977-2010 data, many nutritionists say, that obesity rates more than double. NACLA’s and empire reports at the world food conference in Rome 1974, US Secretary of agricultural early butz , announced that homemade tool. It is a weapon or depopulation 1-Rourke  government venue.

Obesity is one serious issue, the best method is to avoid must which are produced industries and replace the habits of eating home made and keeping time gap between minimum 1 hour food and water and drinking always warm boil water any season twelve month and most important part is a way of drinking water should be like how we drink coffee, tea sip sound holding for minutes and drinking. Saliva in water makes alkaline good for the body it maintains constant body weight and reduces pain in ankle joints. Have you notice pet animal like dogs, cat, etc always drink water sip slowly they never get sick nor obesity. Sugar is an essential need but takes only raw sugar like black jaggery, crystal sugar replaces all, therefore, sugar into raw natural sugar.


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